Another year, another bike race

Its been along while since my last post, for a variety of reasons too numerous to go into. And they would all sound like excuses anyway, so I won’t bother. But I intend to re-kindle this blog. And I thought the best place to start would be with another cycle-related image. This time from theContinue reading “Another year, another bike race”

Lawson Craddock Leads the Tour into Town

Ten months after the Tour de France left its mark on Yorkshire – or the other way around – ¬†we were at it again. This time, the inaugural Tour de Yorkshire ended, rather than began, in Leeds. I caught it winding its way to Roundhay Park through the ‘hood in Alwoodley. This is Team Giant-Alpecin’sContinue reading “Lawson Craddock Leads the Tour into Town”