Arthington Viaduct, near Leeds, Tour de France Day 1

A few hours after seeing the Tour de France party stream by near the Leeds Grammar School, I jumped onto my bike and headed downhill to see whether I could catch them again. Alas, despite the lengthy stop-over at Harewood House, I was obviously no match for Le Tour. No matter. A quick ride downContinue reading “Arthington Viaduct, near Leeds, Tour de France Day 1”

Welcome to Scene in Yorkshire!

Happy New year 2015, and welcome to a Scene in Yorkshire (SiY). Scene (Seen) in Yorkshire is a weekly blog which will showcase digital photographs and other digital images of Yorkshire, the largest county in the United Kingdom, also described as God’s Own County. It’s as simple as that. The blog will celebrate images taken anywhereContinue reading “Welcome to Scene in Yorkshire!”