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Phil Songa
This is Me!

My name is Phil, or Philip, Songa. I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, which has been my home since I first moved to the UK to study in September 2004.

Photography is something I have always found joy in. I love the ability to capture a thing, a place, a time, an expression. I love the colour. I love the mood. I love the process of taking a photo. I love the process of going out to take a photo. I love to look at photos.

In short, when it comes to photos I am sold.

I am self-taught which, they say, is the best way to learn. Experimenting and trying out new things is all part of the process of enjoyment. And I aim to convey that joy to you too.

I photograph a variety of subjects and enjoy both contemporary and traditional looks. People, music and things are my favourite subjects, and so I apply my skills to a range of photographic subjects in which these themes occur.

I also enjoy jazz and African music, reading, writing and travelling. One day I would love to go round the world with just my camera – and some cash to spend!

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