The Busker, Leeds

There’s something about this gentleman, found busking on New Briggate in Leeds. He looks a little sad. Not quite in keeping with the words on his box. He also reminds me of Barack Obama. Or a character out of Snoopy. Or a West End play (or should that be a ‘West Yorkshire Playhouse Play’, seeingContinue reading “The Busker, Leeds”

The Hollies Waterfall, Meanwood

Thanks to Flickr, I found this location that had been hiding in plain sight! I’ve lived in LS17¬†for nigh on six years, cycled through this part of Meanwood Park, but had no idea this very accessible waterfall existed. Now I can finally say, been there, done that! Enjoy, and have a great week.

Trish Clowes Quintet, Seven Jazz, Leeds

This week, something different. As a big jazz fan, small venues are the perfect opportunity to indulge in two pastimes at the same time. I have been going to Seven Jazz in Chapel Allerton, Leeds since 2008, although my visits have become less frequent recently. Last Thursday was an opportunity to rekindle the connection withContinue reading “Trish Clowes Quintet, Seven Jazz, Leeds”