Scaleber Foss

I’ve hinted in a previous post about paying a photographic visit to Scaleber Foss near Settle. I’ve started working thorough the images in detail from what I would describe as a fruitful first visit. I thought I’d start with a close up of the ‘middle level’ if you like. I love the combination of theContinue reading “Scaleber Foss”

Settle Train Station at Twilight

On my way back form Scalebar Foss, I had a 15 minute wait at Settle train station. Tripod still in hand, it made sense to set up and take a few low-light images. The sky was being obligingly moody, and that space between late afternoon and twilight provided the right mix of ¬†fading natural lightContinue reading “Settle Train Station at Twilight”

Last Rays

Another week, another image. This time a somewhat dark and moody rendition of a December afternoon near Settle, North Yorkshire. I took this while out walking towards Scalebar Foss (photos to come). On a bitterly cold day, complete with ice and biting wind, a sunset such as this is almost enough to warm the cockles.Continue reading “Last Rays”

Arthington Viaduct, near Leeds, Tour de France Day 1

A few hours after seeing the Tour de France party stream by near the Leeds Grammar School, I jumped onto my bike and headed downhill to see whether I could catch them again. Alas, despite the lengthy stop-over at Harewood House, I was obviously no match for Le Tour. No matter. A quick ride downContinue reading “Arthington Viaduct, near Leeds, Tour de France Day 1”