Sunset and Snow

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The evenings are getting lighter, hooray! I am sure the recent ‘reminder of winter’ will not be the last one this season. For now, enjoy a view of the snow and sunset, looking over Horsforth from the soon-to-be-no-more Woodside Quarry. Enjoy.

Sunset over Horsforth from Woodside Quarry, February 2019
Sunset over Horsforth from Woodside Quarry

Colour, again… Super Wolf Blood Moon


So this past weekend was a full moon, not just any ordinary full moon though. A ‘Super’ moon, so called because it is at it’s closest to the Earth, and appears bigger, especially at moon rise. And then, the Native American’s called the January full moon ‘Wolf’ moon. And the blood? Well, a total lunar eclipse – when the moon is fully in the shadow of the Earth – usually results in a red-hued moon during totality. Hence the ‘blood’.

Enjoy the Super Wolf Blood moon here, find the science elsewhere… 🙂

The different faces – and colours – of the moon during the night of the Super Wolf Blood Moon, January 20/21 2019