Another year, another bike race

Its been along while since my last post, for a variety of reasons too numerous to go into. And they would all sound like excuses anyway, so I won’t bother. But I intend to re-kindle this blog. And I thought the best place to start would be with another cycle-related image. This time from the 2016 ITU World Triathlon held in Leeds three weeks ago. And no, I won’t have a Brownlee – I am pretty sure you’ve seen enough of them in the last few weeks.

So here’s an image taken in Moortown as a group male riders headed down Stonegate Road towards Meanwood.

Enjoy, and have a great week!

ITU World Triathlon 2016 in Leeds
ITU World Triathlon 2016 in Leeds; the mens’ bike race trundles through Moortown, North Leeds

Lawson Craddock Leads the Tour into Town

Ten months after the Tour de France left its mark on Yorkshire – or the other way around –  we were at it again. This time, the inaugural Tour de Yorkshire ended, rather than began, in Leeds. I caught it winding its way to Roundhay Park through the ‘hood in Alwoodley. This is Team Giant-Alpecin’s young Turk Lawson Craddock, who’s animated breakaway was the talk of much of Stage 3. This is him winding his way up King Lane into Alwoodley, at this point still very much in the lead, before he was caught by eventual winner BMC’s Ben Hermans.

Heroic effort, though. And it shows.

Lawson Craddock rides into Alwoodley in the Tour de Yorkshire
Lawson Craddock rides into Alwoodley in the Tour de Yorkshire

Leeds Dock (Or Clarence Dock, or New Dock)

Its difficult to know what to call this area. It has suffered an identity crisis ever since the first flats were completed around 2007-08, before the boom went bust. Ever since, businesses have come up and gone under. At various points in time there was a thriving Indian restaurant, a casino, a high-end chef’s restaurant, shops…

Which is quite a shame, because the area has the potential to be so much more. With its distinctive view down towards the block of flats at the end of the water, there is only one Leeds/Clarence/New Dock. May it live to see many more days!

Clarence Dock, New Dock
Leeds Dock