Blue Moon on Halloween

Photograph by: Phil Songa Photography (

This is the full moon rising on Halloween night 2020, as seen from the Tinshill area of Leeds, UK. This was a ‘blue moon’, so called because it was the second full moon in the calendar month of October (there was a full moon on 1st October too).

Apparently, the last time there was a full moon on Halloween was… wait for it, 1944! Now you know!

Throwback to Autumn

A quick throwback to a mild, sunny day in autumn last year. I was reminded of this by the unseasonably mild weather we are having at the moment. To think that the Beast from the East was all the rage at this time last year. What a difference 12 months make…

Roundhay Park, Autumn 2018

Sunset and Snow

The evenings are getting lighter, hooray! I am sure the recent ‘reminder of winter’ will not be the last one this season. For now, enjoy a view of the snow and sunset, looking over Horsforth from the soon-to-be-no-more Woodside Quarry. Enjoy.

Sunset over Horsforth from Woodside Quarry, February 2019
Sunset over Horsforth from Woodside Quarry